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Practice Areas

As an experienced general practice attorney, Richard Mitchell handles a wide variety of cases including:

 Civil Litigation


Richard represents both plaintiffs and defendants in cases including personal injury claims, products liability, wrongful death, auto accidents, commercial disputes, breach of contract cases, large debt collections and insurance disputes.

  Employment Law

Richard represents employers and employees in issues related to the workplace.  He has reviewed employment contracts for both employers and employees both before and after hiring.  After a dispute arises is not the first time a contract should be reviewed.

Real Estate

Richard will protect your interests when buying or selling your home or business.

Document Prep & Review

Richard prepares wills and estate planning documents, incorporates businesses, forms Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), prepares residential or commercial leases, draft contracts, and prepare deeds, mortgages and promissory notes. He will also review all types of legal documents to make sure that the documents are fair to you.

Probate Litigation


Richard handles everything from straightforward adoptions and name changes in Probate Court, to complex probate litigation including contested wills, breach of fiduciary duties, mismanaged funds claims, and guardian issues.


Think you have a case? Come in discuss it with Richard. Legal consultations are free of charge. (See "Fees" page for more information.)

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