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Richard is a New Englander at heart. Rest assured that he will be as careful with his clients’ money as he is with his own.

Hourly Fees

Typically charged in business transactions, defense work, guardianships and estate planning
Competitive rates comparable to those charged by other experienced NH attorneys
While higher than a plumber’s rates on Sundays, our hourly rates are a good value because of our experience. We don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel and we have the track record necessary to know how to act decisively and efficiently on your behalf.


Contingent Fees – Personal Injury Cases

Charged in plaintiff’s cases when you are seeking to recover monetary damages
Our fee depends upon the amount of your recovery
Our fee is one-third of the amount collected; 40% if we represent you in an appeal
No fees unless you recover



Blended Fees

Typically used when the outcome of the case is uncertain and/or the case will require maximum effort over an extended period of time
Reduced hourly rate plus reduced contingent percentage (i.e. one-half the normal hourly rate every month, plus a 20% contingent fee collected if the case concludes favorably)

Flat Fees

Commonly charged when drafting documents and creating wills or corporations.

Regardless of fee structure, we will always provide a written fee agreement outlining all obligations.


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